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Productivity and efficiency can be achieved by using company resources effectively. 


At Saarka Tech, we help organizations in automating and tracking some of the complex and repetitive processes in software product development cycle and saving time.



Simplified Automation Testing

01. No Coding Skills

Today a lot of efforts are spent on writing code for automated tests for a software product. Using Testify, anyone with good domain knowledge can write test scenarios using English keywords.

02. Less Time

Testify reduces the time to create test scenarios as test are written using English keywords. On an average, it saves around 50-75% of development effort and thus increasing Time-To-Market.

03. Easy Maintenance

As it does not involve writing code, no maintenance is needed for test code. Test scenarios can easily be edited using simple user interface and can easily be maintained in source control.


More resources for product development

Since Testify does not require developers to write automated tests, developers (company resources) can focus only on product development and increase Time-To-Market.




Sailing through uncertain times, an idea sprung up, then wondered "Why not develop something that makes people's lives easier". This led to the conceptualization of Testify wherein a software product can be developed and shipped faster with the RIGHT testing. So, here is a product to do just that!


We, at our company aim to provide products that enhance the working conditions and the process of product development such that the best of the resources are utilized to provide an automated environment for development and testing.


Continuous research in the field of software development to automate various processes and reduce human intervention.


Core Team


Sneha Raghavan T  |  Founder & CEO, Saarka Tech (OPC) Private Limited

“At Saarka, we aim to create products and processes that will either automate or aid in automating the software and its allied sectors. This way we want to enable the organizations around the world to adopt automation and grow.”


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